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You are backed by a team of more than 40 academics and industry professionals from across Australia and the UK from ACS Distance Education, established since 1979.


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Education is more important than ever and the reason why is very simple:

The world is increasingly complex. Everything we do at work, home or play involves using tools, equipment and knowledge that often didn't exist just a few decades ago.

To do things better you need to know things better and that requires learning.

With every new advancement in the modern world, the way we do things changes though; and with every change, there is a need to learn more.

Using a phone or TV was once simple but is now complex. Cooking in the kitchen was once more intuitive than technical, but now it is both. Everything in our world keeps changing; and is most likely going to keep changing; and that means we all need to keep learning new things as long as we continue to live.  There are choices though about what you do -your job, where and how you live at home, and the leisure time activities you pursue.  You don't need to learn everything about everything; but life can be better if you learn about the things that concern you.



People change what they work at, and what they are passionate about; because we have more opportunities and opportunities keep changing. When you start learning, you may have some idea of a job, hobby or business you wish to pursue; but by the time you finish your learning, you will have seen so many other possibilities. Technology will have advanced, fashions will have altered, and it's likely that your goals may have changed as well.

If you don't study, read and experience the world, you don't learn and become aware of opportunities for better living; but the idea of studying a particular thing to do a specific thing is a concept that is irrelevant today.

The ABC published an article in August 2015 that said "Sixty per cent of Australian students are training for jobs that will not exist in the future or will be transformed by automation".



We are Different

ACS Distance Education courses and books are developed by highly respected academics in their respected disciplines, with decades of experience and formal university qualifications.

These are unique learning tools developed, tested and constantly being revised and updated  by our in house team of education experts. Working as we do allows us to develop and update books and courses faster, and to respond faster to changes, advancements and trends in industry than some other education systems. It also allows us to offer a unique learning experience to our students.



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