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Health Psychology- Short Course

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Learn how health affects the mind, and how mind affects health!

Self Paced 20-hour course to help you understand more about Health Psychology.

To be healthy physically, a person needs to be psychologically healthy. To be healthy psychologically, they need to be physically healthy. The two are linked.

The mind and body are inextricably linked - a decline in one correlates with a decline in the other. If we are mentally stressed, this can affect our physical body. If we are physically tired or feeling ill, this in turn can affect our mind and emotions.

All too often, ill health is treated with pharmaceuticals, surgery or other medical therapies; but there is a great deal of research that supports the idea that a person's state of mind can be as powerful a factor in healing them, as what any of these interventions potentially are.  This course helps you to understand that, and shows you ways in which attending to psychological health can be paired with other medical treatments for potentially better results.

Our 20 hour courses are self paced and will help you understand a topic in a short amount of time. You can work through the course when you like- test yourself with mini-tests along the way. There are extra case studies or research you can undertake if you would really like to get into the topic. Once you have completed the lessons and self assessment tasks, there is a final exam undertaken online- you can then download your personalised certificate.



Lesson 1  How a Healthy Lifestyle can Impact Physical & Mental Health
Definitions of health
Stress & health
What happens to the body when we exercise?
Diet and nutrition
Acute and chronic stress
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 2   Mental Disorders - Signs & Symptoms
Definitions of mental disorder
Role of the clinician
Types of symptoms
Signs & symptoms of disorders
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 3   Physical Illnesses with a Mental Dimension
Psychological factors in physical illness
What is a psychosomatic illness?
Psychological factors in accidents & illness
Immune system & health
Stress & the immune system
Stress associated with physical illnesses
Psychological response to injury or disease
Personality and attitudes
Chronic physical illnesses with mental health associations
Psychobiotics - interaction between the mind and body
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 4  Mental Problems & Disorders with a Physical Dimension
Eating disorders
Patient’s emotional reaction to physical illness
The importance of sleep
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 5 Role of Psychology in Managing Physical and Mental Illnesses
Health psychology
Factors affecting psychological & physical health
Traditional medical interventions
Helping people with transition - what can we do to help ourselves?
What can we do to improve our mental health?
Using mindfulness
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 6 Providing Better Mental Health Services
Towards better health care services
Impact of health psychology
Improving services
Raising public awareness
Providing better pubic access to health care
Wider recognition of health relationships
Health benefits of a biophilic landscape
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 7 Business Opportunities in the Health Psychology Industry
Opportunities working in health
Play therapy – a tool for managing psychological health
Review what you have been learning
Final assessment


  • Individuals seeking to improve outcomes in their own lives
  • Carers seeking to help those they care for
  • Health workers and professionals who seek to improve their own understanding of health psychology
  • Counsellors, welfare workers, or anyone working with people suffering or vulnerable to health issues
  • Anyone with an interest in preventative health care, from students to nutritionists, & chronic disease sufferers to medical receptionists.

Contact us at anytime if you have any issues with the course.


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Health Psychology- Short Course Health Psychology- Short Course
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