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How nature influences children

By ACS Distance Education on December 13, 2022 in Psychology and Counselling | comments
There are many things that influence a child’s development. A child’s DNA will determine their eye colour, physical build, height, and other physical characteristics. DNA can also have a role in determining character traits such as personality, aggression, and intelligence. 

The other major determinant of child development is "nurture," or environmental influences.

What is Crisis Counselling?

By ACS Distance Education on December 12, 2022 in Psychology and Counselling | comments

Crisis intervention involves a range of methods used to offer short term immediate help to individuals who have experienced an event that produces mental, physical, emotional and behavioural distress.


Adolescents in crisis

By ACS Distance Education on December 8, 2022 in Psychology and Counselling | comments

Adolescence is a traumatic time. Young people are faced with mounting piles of schoolwork, decisions about their life paths and hormonal changes as they go through puberty. Add in decisions about their identity, sexual orientation and their standpoint in friendship groups and you have the recipe for a perfect storm.

Parents or carers may feel confused and frustrated in their interactions with their teenagers. Previous habits and interests may disappear, behaviours may change and teens are likely to push back in unexpected ways as they work out where their boundaries lie. Parents may disagree and argue about what should be done, losing credibility with their teens in the process.  Sometimes parents may feel the need to seek help from mental health professionals – for their teens, for the whole family or for themselves.


Employment services are important to people looking for work and those looking to employ. A good career professional needs the passion and skills to find and place the right person in the right job, and when they do so, they not only satisfy the employer and employee;s needs, buty can also have a very positive and ongoing impact on the workplace they are servicing.

Read more to understand the scope and nature of the work carried out by a career professional.


Working in Mental Health

By ACS Distance Education on October 25, 2022 in Health & Psychology and Counselling | comments
Mental health offers a wider range of career opportunities than you might think.It's natural to think of the main mental health jobs being counsellors and psychologists, but in reality most people who work in mental health will be in roles beyond these. Mental health offers a wider range of career opportunities than you might think. Many other job options have only emerged in recent years - but they are becoming more widely accepted.